Change - Mayura U

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Change is inevitable, and that's the worst part.

It is the paralysis of the serpent's venom slowly creeping up your skin,

It is the fear of inaction as the world carries on without you,

It is the whispers of doubts sending shivers down your spine,

Like the echoes of broken nightmares.

It does not ask, but simply does.

It is the raging forces of water against the stubborn rocks.

It is the world pushing for your growth.

It is experience.

It is deceit.

It is freedom.

It is joy.

Change is broken friendships

And hidden fights.

It is first successes,

And sacrifice.

Yes, change is inevitable,

But it isn't always bad.

It is the world moulding you for the better,

Guiding you towards independence and reflection.

It is to be learnt from, not feared.

It is to offer a helping hand.

To learn to do better.

And here's the best part:

Change will follow you wherever you go.

Whether it is good or bad,

The responsibility you hold in your response,

Is what truly terrifies you.

~ Mayura U