Crossing Oceans

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Two minds, two lives,

Two languages at war in our broken mouth.

Our thoughts split between the oceans

As we sail from East to West.

Our heads emerge from the seas

As we lift our head a little higher.

Our hands create waves of ripples

As we wave to the borders of the unknown

Trying not to drown in the foreign water.

You look past your shoulder

And your eyes become one of an outsider.

A foreigner in your own motherland.

The words feel distant on your tongue.

The meanings are lost.

Our two worlds collide together -

Some lost in the chaos

And others anchored to our roots.

We hold onto the chains,

Two hands tightly gripped

With our feet planted firmly on the ground -

On this side of the border.

This blight of life – a simulation or an assimilation?

We become a nation that bleeds in red, white and blue.

We sail, leaving intricate patterns on the torn maps

As we loosen our grip on the anchor chains.

It trails along behind us,

Slowly breaking away,

Forgotten in the midst of two oceans.

- Sujany Baleswaran