How To Find Your Fit This New Year

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

I am a personal trainer based in London and have worked in the health and fitness industry for 6 years. The month of January is always the busiest month for gyms up and down the country. It has the highest average footfall and new membership sign-ups. Every year January brings a wave of over-enthusiastic people high on an overdose of Instagram motivational posts, who have made resolutions to embark on their health and fitness goals. This has been an ongoing trend for almost a decade, and statistically, almost 50% of new members fall off routine and give up on their resolutions by February. If you are one of the many New Year born-again gym-goers or at the peripheral of starting to become one, then this article is for you.

I want to highlight the main reasons why so many of you fail to sustain the high of January throughout the rest of the year and give you solutions to overcome this problem.

Do not wait till the beginning of January

This may not seem very relevant now since we're at the beginning of February. However, it is essential to understand that time is linear meaning it only moves in one direction. Calendars and the notion of time being cyclic are cultural and man-made constructs. The sad truth is that we are moving in a uni-directional path to oblivion and there is no reverse gear. The New Year does not magically restart anything. It is no different to any other day, so avoid postponing any goals to any date based on our position around the Sun. If you want to better your health and get fit, then now is the best time to get started.

Set realistic short-term goals

Walk before you run. Most of you will start by setting very unrealistic goals for yourself and fail to achieve them, resulting in a loss of motivation and a complete halt to your training that you started not long ago. It is pointless to copy a workout plan followed by some Hollywood star who got paid millions of dollars and given months of time with full-time dietitians and personal trainers. With anything in life, you've got to start small and establish the basics before delving into the complexities. This principle applies to gym frequency aswell. To start off by trying to go to the gym 5 times a week from the outset is very ambitious and will burn you out very fast. Start by going twice a week and slowly build up an appetite to increase your hours. The key is to focus on consistency and longevity. Ensure you set short term attainable goals and try to achieve them consistently, and this will gradually build discipline and confidence. Your goals will get bigger and more achievable. Whilst reading this, you may feel this is something you already know, and you are right in thinking so. There are no secrets or shortcuts to getting fit, it comes down to the same mantra which applies to all aspects of life; just consistency and hard work. Treat the whole process like a marathon and not a sprint.

Seek professional help if you are new to training

You don't magically learn how to drive a car. It requires hours of learning from an instructor and then many hours of practice to become a good driver. In the same way, it is vital to get professional help to learn how to structure your training and nutrition to lead a healthy lifestyle. Hiring a personal trainer in London can be expensive and will put many off from seeking professional help. What is the price for maintaining good health? If you can answer that question, then you won't be reading this article. Seeking professional help is by far one of the best investments you make for your present and future self, provided you find the right person for the job. Hiring a good personal trainer ensures you train safe and efficient within a set time frame. They will be a constant source of encouragement, helping you with your nutrition and general well being.

The important thing is to get started as soon as possible. Understand that the journey will take time and as a new gym-goer or even as someone with experience who's had to take a break, be patient and give your body time to adapt. Focus on improving your nutrition as a priority simply because good workouts with poor nutrition can be very counterproductive. If after reading this article, you are thinking about hiring professional help, do get in touch for advice or personal training services.