Lockdown Therapy: Healing with Colour

Free printable colouring sheets for you!

Art has always been a relaxing and creative space for me, a chance to escape reality. It has been there for me when I’ve felt anxious, excited, bored, or happy. It helps me stay focussed. It disciplines me. It has become a special form of expression. It has been my therapy. Isn’t it beautiful how people can express themselves through art, create something from nothing and produce something that is so unique?

I wanted to bring this idea of art therapy into your homes, to help people during the lockdown, whether it was something to entertain kids, something to help with anxiety or something to focus on other than the outside world. I truly believe that art is a therapy and it has definitely helped me with my mental health. With this in mind, I am creating free printable colouring sheets that I will share with you over the lockdown period!

We are all going through such a difficult and challenging time. A time where we are unable to see our loved ones and struggle to distract ourselves from everything that’s going on in the outside world. A time where the news can be all-consuming and four walls can all of a sudden make us feel claustrophobic. In this current situation it is so important to keep our minds healthy, now more important than ever. Simple things like exercising, reaching out to people via our phones and being creative can be great for our mental health. I am certain that everyone has now experienced some level of anxiety, whether or not they have a history of mental health illness. This is why it is so important to do things that will help alleviate anxiety and keep our mental health strong. Colouring does exactly that! Art is a powerful tool that can be used by anyone, even those that aren’t ‘arty’. So please enjoy this free colouring sheet, an important one, thanking all of our keyworkers who have been working so hard to look after us, whilst we stay at home.

Here are a few ideas for the colouring sheet:

  • Stick your coloured sheets in the window so people can spot them on their walks. It’ll make their day a little brighter!

  • Send a photo of it to a keyworker with a special thank you message!

  • Family colouring session – see how different your pages are.

  • Let the kids do some colouring and enjoy some peace and quiet!

  • Play your favourite music and enjoy the process of colouring in.

  • Colour & Sip! Colour in whilst sipping on your favourite beverage!

  • Use different media – colour pencils, felt tip pens, paint, sharpies, biros or highlighters!

Click here to download the Clap for our Keyworkers colouring sheet!

Don’t have a printer?

You can save the sheets directly to your device and use an app to colour it in. For example, if you have an iPad and Apple pencil, you can save these sheets directly to your photos. Use an app such as Procreate, insert the photo and colour it in digitally!

I would love to see your finished pieces so please share them and tag @artbynathi on Instagram! I will be creating a variety of colouring sheets over the next few weeks – suitable for young kids, big kids, adults and the elderly! If you would like to be updated on the release of new colouring sheets, please follow @artbynathi on Instagram and like the ABN page on Facebook. Send an email to abn.nathi@gmail.com to get these colouring sheets directly to your inbox!

I hope these help you during these difficult times. Let’s colour in mindfully and clap loudly for our keyworkers.