In the midst of existent derogatory stereotypes in society,

We face daily inner battles to diminish these notions,

Appropriating our actions to reduce fear and anxiety,

And forbidding ourselves to express raging emotions,

As they probe for a weak spot to spark a retaliation,

Labelling us as ‘terrorists’ and wanting us to disappear,

Despite no actual truth in any of their accusations,

We turn a blind eye to the obvious ignorant sneers,

Becoming accustomed to their continuous hostile acts,

Portraying us as antagonists in their imagination,

And their failure to escape and seek out real facts,

That justify people of colour can belong to this nation.

We are constantly queried on our ‘actual’ ethnic origin,

As just ‘British’ is not solely accepted as our identity,

Instead for us, it is established by the colour of our skin,

As society fails to annihilate these acts of obscenity,

Brushing them off and addressing them as ‘questions’,

Whilst the racial slurs are categorized under fun ‘banter’,

For us, they are an active catalyst fueling our depression,

As we cry silent tears that scream our feelings also matter!


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