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How many of you have asked your parents to buy you McDonald's when you were younger and got the good old 'no, there's rice and curry at home' response? Painful, I know. But how much do you actually know about the benefits of eating our traditional rice and curry?

Eating rice and curry is good for the health of the human body because it contains many healthy nutrients. The high percentage of healthy vegetables in the curries, valuable proteins from fish, chicken and meat replacers like our curry-soaked soy chunks (soya meat) result in a relatively healthy dish. And of course, the right amount of carbs from rice. But what is your curry to rice ratio? This is something that varies in every household. It might be due to a lack of understanding of the nutritional content behind it and sometimes just simply because of personal preferences.

So, what is right for you? Let's start off with rice. One of the possible reasons behind our dad's or uncle's big belly is their significant portions of rice. Research has shown that eating white rice could cause a sudden spike in blood sugar. As white rice is rapidly converted to sugar, it could mean a person gets hungry sooner than if they ate a low-sugar food. This effect could lead to people overeating. Not only does it cause people to overeat but also may significantly raise their risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

It isn't really just one thing. It's what you eat, what you do, and your genes. We can't change our genes, so it's essential to think about how food plays in our culture. Rice and curry are united like yin and yang, but why not try a healthier alternative instead. White rice doesn't contain as many nutrients as brown rice, which is packed in fibre, magnesium and vitamins. So why not try a smaller portion of brown rice with more of your nutrient-packed curries?

Rice and curry are a beautiful dish that can never get boring, especially with all the exotic options out there. It contains many positive nutrients, but the main thing to remember is that everything needs to be consumed in moderation. It's essential to satisfy taste buds but to also eat for the necessary care and wellbeing of the human body.

Well, that's all, for now! Remember, you can't fix your health until you fix your diet.

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